Cecilia Frakes

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As the leader of The Kilyan Group, Cecilia Frakes is an energetic broker with experience providing excellent service to her clients.  Having acquired extensive knowledge of condos, high-end and modest single-family home renovations, multi-family dwelling gut rehabs, and buyer-side transactions of distressed properties, she has the ability to provide the necessary information her clients need when researching properties.


Cecilia brings knowledge garnered from working closely with the COO of a top Chicago luxury remodeling company, Dynasty Innovations.  Additionally, she has extensive experience working with the community redevelopment organization, Brilliant Future, on both the West Side and South Side of Chicago. Her combination of enthusiasm, passion and knowledge make her a true real estate advisor.  Cecilia was featured in this capacity on CNBC's The Deed Chicago, airing September 2019.


Listening attentively to her clients' concerns, Cecilia will help them find the perfect real estate investment to fit their needs.  She has built much of her business finding suitable buildings to increase her clients' investment portfolios, enabling them to make the correct decision based on her research and experience.  Cecilia works with first-time home buyers to identify the appropriate property, negotiate the right price, find the proper financing and coordinate necessary inspections, diligently following through every step of the way until the property has closed.  She is patient, understanding and kind, always there for both clients and colleagues.


Cecilia is here for YOUR real estate needs.

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