Jessica Ramsey

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Founding and growing a global business over the last three years, which took over 20 countries and generated over $600,000 in its first year, Jessica Ramsey has the knowledge, energy, and negotiation skills to get deals done. Jessica has credentials from Harvard Business school in Business Growth Strategy and MIT in Artificial Intelligence. She is the energetic self-starter who will do whatever it takes and think out of the box to get the job done. What is most important, she cares. When you work with Jessica, be confident you will only receive the best for you and your family.

Jessica was born in St Louis, MO and relocated to Chicago in 1997. She grew up in the suburb of Naperville and moved to the city in 2008, where she lives today in River North. As a Real Estate Broker, Jessica has the goal to be your guide and mentor from the very start to find the home of your dreams or sell your house so you can move on with the life you desire. As your Broker, she is looking to build a relationship that endures not just a season, but a lifetime. The Chicago Market is unlike any other. Chicago is the playground to the rest of the world. Chicago is the 22nd largest economy in the world and has the most substantial platform for growth. Its diversity of neighborhoods, food, easy access, and quality of life is a huge selling point for the City of Chicago and its suburbs. Jessica is not just a local agent, but a global agent. To bring you efficiency and only the best.

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