Kelly Kirchheimer

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Kelly Kirchheimer is an experienced, top-ranked professional REALTOR®. Kelly believes a broker should be a partner and an advocate for their clients. "Real estate transactions can be complicated from the emotional to the fiduciary, and I make it my mission to provide the necessary attention, resources and services from start to finish."  



Kelly earned an MBA while earning her sales stripes in corporate America. However, she couldn't resist the natural draw to real estate where she could put her experience and entrepreneurial spirit to task for clients, and employ her tough negotiation skills. 

This background has helped to shape her approach today. She carefully studies market trends and views as many houses as time will permit. Staying engaged on the various village fronts also helps to keep her clients fully informed when making important real estate decisions.  But it is Kelly's penchant for pleasing others that keeps her working around the clock. It is no wonder she has forged trusting relationships with her loyal clientele and why a significant portion of her business is from referrals.  

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