Jake Anderson Leahy

Jake Anderson Leahy


2571 Waukegan Rd. Suite 135
Bannockburn, IL 60015

"Working with the most innovative digital companies in Chicago to provide businesses, families, and individuals with the best representation 2020 has to offer."

I often get asked how I ended up getting into real estate. Good question. 

Regardless of where I have worked, I have always been laser-focused on finding the most innovative (and intuitive) solutions to make people's lives easier. Right out of college, I had the opportunity to work at a multi-multi million dollar investment company. With assets in industries like real estate and energy. There I saw firsthand what kind of attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and future thinkings is needed to create a sustainable portfolio. This is the same whether you are a hundred million dollar company, or a family looking to buy a starter home. 

The reality is, most agents are well versed on the moving parts that go into a real estate transaction, but where do they go after? Does your agent understand how to look at a municipality's budget year over year to see what kind of threat increasing property taxes pose on your town? Has your agent partnered with the most innovative property tax appeal company (Property Tax Fox) in the region, to instantly see if you should appeal? Or does your REALTOR understand the intricacies of your energy bills and is willing to negotiate a new deal on your behalf, to make sure you pay the lowest rate possible every month. 

These are the kind of systems I have built out for homebuyers, which is why I believe nobody can provide a better experience with the process. I also serve on the Chicago to North Shore Team with the amazing Robin Wilson, who has twenty plus years experience in investing and knows what can go wrong. Working with her, we are more likely to nudge you to back out of a deal than to push you into a bad one. 

For sellers, I partner with my digital agency, Ladders. We are at the forefront of innovating in digital marketing and social media management. By building out a unique web presence for your listing, we use advanced data technology to make sure your listings remains top of mind with failed conversions, we build out advertising campaigns to bring in unique buyer leads before hitting the market, and we make sure your branding is at the top of its gain. 

Looking to relocate? Your solution is FindMyMove.com.. With zero obligation and no cost to you, we provide custom real estate referrals for a lake house in the midwest, moving south to avoid the cold winters, or if you're just moving within Illinois and want to know your options. We will set you up with the very best that the real estate has to offer, wherever you are going. 

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