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Lauren Soderstrom


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Real Estate With Heart

When you partner with me, I promise it won't be just another transaction.  You will get exceptional results with uncommonly good service! What does Real Estate with Heart mean?

  • Client-focused – As your trusted advisor, I will go to work to deliver results for you. I listen carefully to your priorities and ensure that your unique needs are met. You will never be shifted off to a team member, I am always dedicated to you. I am not happy until you are happy.
  • Passion – I love real estate and my clients! Researching data, trends, and marketing is critical to success, but also a source of tremendous joy for me! Let my passion drive your results!
  • Results – When you put your whole heart into your business, results come naturally. I use proven marketing strategies and technology tools that work. Further, I am hands-on in developing creative and strategic solutions to deliver extraordinary results.
  • Relationships – My passion has helped me build a fabulous network of professionals to make the process run smoothly! I have a attorneys, lenders, contractors, stagers, and inspectors that have a proven track-record of exceptional service.
  • Integrity – Building your trust is essential and the foundation of everything I do is with impeccable ethics and integrity. I volunteer on Board for Professional Standards to ensure ethical treatment in our industry.

Clients are saying:

"Lauren had so much patience with us - I think we looked at 60 houses before we found the right one. Her understanding of the situation and above and beyond efforts resulted in us getting a house we loved."

"We're a multi-generation family, so finding the right home for us was a challenge by ourselves. After numerous interviews with agents, we chose to work with Lauren. We needed to both sell our current home and purchase a new one. Lauren gave us recommendations to improve our current home prior to listing, and happily came by to offer additional support when we were freaking out, unsure of how to proceed, or just needed some hand holding. We're glad we listened, because her suggestions made a huge difference before listing.

She listed our home perfectly, and had an entire game plan for us. She noted how much we love spreadsheets, so she was happy to add her notes and our "homework" to a shared document.  We never did get to do the Open House or the Broker Tour that Lauren had planned, because we got 9 offers in 2 days!  When the first offer fell through, Lauren was very quick to contact the other offers to see if they were still interested. That's all it took, because she found our buyer without having to go through all of the stress of House Showings while we're working from home, going school remotely, AND one of us having a broken leg and being difficult to get in and out of the house.

As for buying a home, Lauren is very professional and knowledgeable about the surrounding areas, and we loved how approachable she is. It was easy to tell her when we did not like certain features of different homes without her being dismissive or judgmental (which we experienced before from someone else!).  

She took the time to get to know each of us, and really listened when we would say what we were looking for in a home. Knowing that we're a multi-gen family, she understood that we had some needs and wants that we felt very strongly about (especially since we wanted our next home to be our forever home!). There were many times when one of us would say, "well, I can come to like it here" or "I can live with this"... but Lauren would reiterate that she was not getting us a home to settle for eventually and possibly not be happy after a year or two. No, she was working to find us a home that we would all love. Her passion for finding the right fit was infectious, and we were excited to keep looking at houses.

We really enjoyed how Lauren kept us on track with positive comments of what we were looking for.  Her sunshine attitude and support made searching for answers a true joy to work with her. We also appreciated her evolving the search with us and prodding to find out what mattered as well as just being present to ease the process.  We worked directly with her the whole time, which was really helpful and helped to build that trust needed when making a very personal purchase/decision.

When we walked into the house we were to finally make an offer on, Lauren could tell that we were all excited. She was fine with one of us asking if we could come see the house again the next day without the rest of the family present. We talked through the pros and cons, what the future might look like at this house, and she talked through the fears and concerns that come with making such a big purchase. Lauren was amazing, especially putting up with our crazy and constant text messages. haha

Lauren helped to negotiate the house into our budget, and she recommended the best people for the various services we needed during the entire buy/sell process. When we wanted a second opinion, she had another person lined up to help us. She is a master at being in control of every step without being an authoritarian. We appreciate her even helping to clarify and assist with our team of attorneys and our mortgage broker. We never felt alone in the process and it was actually a fun experience. Lauren made it a very pleasant, positive experience overall, even when we had that first offer fall through and was stressed about next steps. She brought us back to focus on the positive and kept us in the loop the whole time. Her communication is amazing and her resources are fantastic. The world needs more Laurens... she is amazing.

We highly recommend her for any sale and purchase. We are hopefully in our new home forever, but if we need to move we will definitely work with Lauren again. If she can do all of this during a pandemic with limited inventory, imagine what she can do when there's no virus!"

"Lauren was a pleasure to work with. She listened to our specific concerns and understood what factors were important to us. We had a fairly easy transaction with our buyers, but the few times something concerning came up she was attentive and helped us get answers. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property."

"Lauren is a great real estate agent. Her communication skills are excellent. We had a very difficult buyer and Lauren worked very closely with our mortgage company and our lawyer to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. She also gave us daily updates."

"Lauren helped us sell a rental property. The situation was very complicated, and Lauren handled it all with aplomb. She was always available via text, phone and email. She prepared a great deck of comps and priced the house right. She was very knowledgeable about the area. I'd highly recommend her to anyone!"

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