At @properties, innovation has always been one of the keys to our success. Innovation and technology can disrupt the status quo, spur competition, and take businesses and entire industries to new heights. @properties develops and invests in new products and services that improve the performance of our brokers and better the real estate experience for our clients. We have also partnered with a number of local startups to help cultivate the future landscape of real estate.


Following are @properties preferred technology partners:

TurboAppeal is a local technology firm that is revolutionizing the property tax appeals process through big data and machine learning. The company uses a propriety algorithm to quickly identify comparable properties that give homeowners the best chance for the greatest possible tax savings. Automating the process also reduces the fees charged to clients for successful appeals. @properties’ partnership with TurboAppeal simplifies and improves the appeals process for our clients.


Mortgage Hippo aims to bring simplicity, transparency, and efficiency to an otherwise complicated home loan process. With their three-step approach to mortgages and their technology, our partnership with Mortgage Hippo allows @properties clients to find the financing program they need, with clarity to create peace of mind.


Mail Control is an advanced system that allows businesses to protect email data, blocking spymail and allowing businesses to easily send email securely. In addition, Mail Control allows for privacy-protecting email receipt confirmation. This system allows @properties agents to securely communicate, with sensitive information, without compromising our clients’ information.


Gesture is a mobile fundraising technology company that partners with non-profits, schools, hospitals, and sports teams to help them raise more money in their fundraising campaigns. By utilizing our mobile optimized software, organizations, like @gives back, are able to streamline their event fundraising and maximize their revenue by connecting with their donors where they are most engaged: their cell phones. By the end of 2017, Gesture will have raised $500 million for our charity partners since 2011.


Konverse is the most effective collaboration tool for real estate brokerages. The Chicago-based tech startup developed the @gent app, an internal mobile application that has revolutionized the way @properties communicates about and transacts real estate. The @gent app helps our brokers connect home buyers and sellers and captures real-time feedback on property marketing. It also aggregates the knowledge base of our 1,900 brokers in a searchable database.


Charlie is an app that gathers information on the people you’re about to meet before you meet them. The app helps @properties better understand the people we do business with, saving time, improving professionalism and giving us a leg up on the competition.


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