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Jordan and Cassman Real Estate


1875 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647

Working with the best in the business is the only choice in real estate today.

@properties shares our commitment to offering the most comprehensive and professional marketing, sophisticated technology, and expert market knowledge, supporting the highest standards of service and representation you expect and deserve. With local leadership and national and international reach, we bring results to clients wherever their buying and selling goals take them.

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Clients are saying:

"Theo was absolutely fantastic to work with and she deserves all the credit in the world for making the deal happen.  We were searching for the right place for months and so I spoke to seemingly countless brokers.  Theo was an enormous step above every other person I interacted with.  She was incredibly professional, she was relentless in her work ethic, and she communicated honestly, transparently, and consistently.  Her integrity gave us an ability to trust her quickly.  She was friendly and warm.  She was absolutely everything we could ask for in a broker.  Bottom line - we got the apartment through @ Properties because of Theo.I rarely feel compelled to provide direct feedback like this, but this was a special circumstance."

"The service we received was exceptional! From helping us to align contractors to prepare the house for sale, to marketing/selling, through closing and inspection, Jena and Theo took care of EVERYTHING. They anticipated issues, provided great counsel, and problem-solved throughout the entire process. I cant give a strong enough reference for Jena and Theo.The selling of my home corresponded with a particularly busy period in my professional life. As such, I really took the perspective that I wanted to completely outsource the sale of my home...i.e. have as littleto do with the sale as possible. Hiring Jena and Theo was a perfect fit for me. They lined up contractors, vendors and all sorts of folks to help prep the place for sale (and at great prices too!). For example, within a day of receiving the inspection letter, they had a contractor over at the place fixing issues...with little to no involvement from me. I was also impressed with their ability to negotiate with an unrepresented buyer. Very aggressive. Im in a service business as well, and I continually use my experience with Jena and Theo as an example when talking about great customer service with my team."

"Theo excelled in every aspect of service. What stands out in our minds is their exceptional communication skills. Every step of the way (and almost every day) wed receive a call/email/text informing us of what was going on. As a result, we knew they were working hard to sell our place and we were under contract within 1-1/2 months from our listing date. Thanks again for all your time and effort!"

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