The Tuggle Real Estate Team

The Tuggle Real Estate Team


548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

As residents of Chicago for over 50 years we know Chicago!  From the south to the north and downtown to the suburbs, Chicago is a wonderfully diverse city with unlimited possibilities for real estate buying and selling.  We have handled high end and distressed properties, worked with rehab, new construction and developments.  We have worked with residential, investment and commercial clients to develop short and long term real estate selling and acquisition strategies.

Our expertise in working with diverse clients has come from 27 years as entrepreneurs in the corporate and real estate worlds.  It has given us a deep appreciation for different cultures, tastes, styles, personalities and ideas.  As consultants we learned to listen to our clients in order to build an accurate picture of their needs and wants.  We have outstanding oral and written communication skills which we believe are integral when working with clients.  Our analytical skills have been honed through our educational backgrounds in math, strategic processes and our training experiences.  These skills help us to understand the financial marketplace and assist us in thoroughly analyzing each client’s transaction.  We are effective in presenting our client’s with financial options whether they are on the buying or selling end.

Most importantly, we know how to market and sell.  Our classical sales training has come from IBM, AT&T and Berkshire Hathaway, some of the most prestigious sales training schools in the world.  We have honed those skills over the years to apply them to an ever changing real estate market and continually look for new and innovative ways to support our clients.  As a strong negotiators, we work aggressively for you whether you are looking to sell or buy….no matter how unique the property might be.  Our job is to get you what you want at the price that you want while ensuring that your real estate transaction is a pleasant experience.

We are a members of the National Association of Realtors, the Chicago Association of Realtors, the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois, the River North Business Association and candidates in the Certified Commercial Investment Member curriculum.

Our experiences have taught us the value of a satisfied customer and our goal is not just to service you for just a single transaction, but to earn your business and your referrals for life!

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