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As a licensed real estate Broker, Jim Luby primarily serves Chicago's North and Northwest Suburbs.  He also has an extensive knowledge of the City of Chicago, having lived and worked in that market for 11 years.  Since Chicago is the #1 feeder market into the suburbs, Jim's experience in the city has provided him access to a large pool of buyers looking to make a suburban transition. 

At an early age, Jim Luby discovered his entrepreneurial appetite and developed the ability to interact with customers to uncover and serve their needs.  First, it was his neighborhood lawn mowing business in the sixth grade.  Then, Jim moved on to sell knives for a summer, before deciding to manage and run a house painting business while in high school.  After college, Jim spent a few short years working in the corporate world for a small technology start up, before discovering his passion in Real Estate.  Jim obtained his real estate license in the fall of 2000 and primarily worked in the Chicago market before moving to the Northwest Suburbs in 2011 and joining the family team.

Jim believes in the importance of providing each client with superior service, and he continually strives to stay on top of the industry by furthering his real estate knowledge.  Jim has primarily built his business based on referrals from satisfied past and current clients and by becoming a trusted advisor.  Over the course of his career, Jim Luby has worked closely with many types of real estate clients:  residential homeowners, the luxury home market, high rise condominium developers, builders, distressed property owners, apartment building owners, property managers, & commercial investors.  And though the real estate landscape is ever changing, Jim's primary objectives remain the same:  to help his clients effectively buy and sell real estate; to provide them local expertise; to guide them through their purchase or sale with knowledge and integrity.

Outside of work, Jim Luby enjoys spending time with his wife Kelly and their five children – Liam, Charlie, Jack, Danny, and Casey.  They love the outdoors, whether it be walking the neighborhood, biking, running, water sports...you name it.  If there still time at the end of a day, Jim's other passions include gardening, playing ice hockey, and the playing the guitar.





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