Hometown Coffee & Juice's New Igloos in Glencoe Are a Hit!

You may have already seen Glencoe's latest addition- igloos! Hometown Coffee and Juice, located at the corner of Vernon and Park Avenues, has installed two life-sized heated igloos that can accommodate up to 8 persons each and are available to reserve on a first-come-first-serve basis for small parties or gatherings.

Hometown owners Julie and Lou Rubin affirmed, "We slowly introduced the igloos to get a feel for how people would respond. People love it and are really excited about them." Julie explains, "I approached the Village and asked if this is something that can be allowed, and they worked with me to make sure it met all the requirements," reflecting the igloos have been a "tremendous hit" and "people are beyond excited for the igloo experience."

The igloos should be reservable through February and are a great option for a double date adventure, birthday party or family fun night. Guests can order winter-worthy savory treats like fondue, charcuterie, crudités, guacamole and chips, as well as specialty cocktails. The Rubins concluded. "I think that people like to experience these things and to be outside is unique and different. Usually, people have to go to a city for these types of things, but this is available in the community...Who doesn't want to celebrate their birthday in Glencoe with friends and drinks in an igloo?" Your reservation will get you Bluetooth speakers, blankets, a heater, and a dedicated server. For more information, see http://hometownglencoe.com 

By Susan Maman, Glencoe and North Shore Real Estate 

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