Glencoe Readies for Tudor Court Renovations for the Writers Theatre

Glencoe Village officials have pushed back the completion date for renovating one block of pedestrian and vehicular space located in front of the Writers Theatre, at 325 Tudor Court. The project has been dubbed, appropriately, "Tudor Court". Plans call for sidewalk repairs, new landscaping, enhanced lighting, curb relocation, and improved pedestrian crossings.

Glencoe is assuming a $1.5 million bond arrangement that will end up costing the city annually anywhere from $145,000 to $171,000, according to Finance Director Nikki Larson. Glencoe is also conducting an online auction to secure banks and financial institutions able to provide a platform for funding. Because bids for the project returned higher than officials expected this year, construction has been postponed to the spring of 2020, with a completion date scheduled for mid-summer, or from March of 2020 to early July of 2020. Those dates could change, Council members stress, if details of the project simultaneously shift. However, most officials take the long view noting the time frame for such an important and expensive project is for the most part, on target. Village Manager Phil Kiraly, reflected, "It's six months, so it is not the end of the world. It's not ideal, but we will get through it." For more information, follow the Village of Glencoe at