Glencoe Honors Green Bay Trail Organizer With Honorary Street Sign

Longtime Glencoe resident, Betsy Leibson, has been campaigning for the beautification of the village and the expanded footprint of Glencoe's Green Bay Trail for the past 33 years, helping to keep the trail at the forefront of improvements in the village. Leibson was recently honored with a street sign along the Green Bay Trail that she worked so passionately on.

Leibson, with the help of the non-profit "Friends of Green Bay Trail", has managed to transform a section of the trail she describes as "totally overgrown and poorly maintained" into a beautifully landscaped path between Harbor Street and Scott Avenue and at another location further south of South Avenue. Leibson's volunteers installed 65 new trees, 146 shrubs and a bridge that connects the trail to a newly developed butterfly hatchery. Leibson reflected, "Together with the village and Park District we have really made dramatic improvements to the village property. It's spectacular."

Village President Larry Levin praised Leibson asserting, "Through her enthusiasm for the trail, dedication and countless hours of labor inspired others in the community to follow in her footsteps resulting in the creation of the not-for-profit, grassroots organization Friends of Green Bay Trail in 2010." Leibson remarked, "Having the community and the village recognizing all the effort we put in...People remind me what was done was really amazing. That is something that I hope the community cherishes for years to come." To learn more, visit

By Susan Maman, Glencoe and North Shore Real Estate

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