Inspect what You Expect!

How does this phrase relate to your prospecting?

Say this to yourself five times.

We often talk about prospecting using the CRM to be purposeful in your outreach, being consistent on social medial using CONTENT HUB, or easily reaching out to your database using The ECAMPAIGN tool or Adwerx.

All these very easy activities help you stay in touch with your clients and are critical to growing your business.

You all EXPECT your clients to use you again, but not enough of you regularly INSPECT to see if they are getting value from you post close.

I bring this up because that is mainly what your office time should be about.  Inspecting your database by reaching out and seeing if they are doing what you expect: referring you or using you again.

You cannot expect anything from others if you are not inspecting to see if they are acting how you want them to.