Everyday is like the Draft.

Hope you enjoyed the break yesterday and
had a nice laugh. It's Friday! Let's Finish Strong.
I had the NFL Draft on in the background this evening, and it made me think about the young
athletes who began the evening as amateurs but will wake up tomorrow as Professionals.

They are being rewarded for all their hard work years prior, but the real work is just beginning.
Not all of them will make it. Starting in camp, they will not be measured by any prior

Their slate is clean and they are once again at the bottom.

Those that make it will take someone else's spot on a roster pushing them aside. They are the
ones who maximized their talent by working the hardest at their craft - they knew what it took and
committed to the necessary actions to earn the right to be called a Professional Football Player.

We are all at different phases of our careers, but we are in a sales business. We have developed
individual brands. Fair or not, we are judged not by what we did yesterday but on what we do today.

In some sense, our every day is a Draft. We are constantly being selected for opportunities based
on work we did prior. But, every day, the work is just beginning. We know what must me done.
And, we do the necessary actions to earn the right to be called - a Professional Realtor.

You are the best in the business. Let's get down to demonstrating why.

Be Safe. Be Well. Be Memorable.